Hi, I'm Zola

I'm an educator with a heart for Sociology, Instructional Design and Digital Art. My goal is to inspire through creation, whether through learning experiences or a canvas. 

In my work within higher education, I've recognized a need for learning experiences that captivate and cater to adult learners. I am committed to learners and educators, and I aim to create dynamic and effective instruction that learners will thrive in. Leveraging the latest in technology, including AI and gamification, I am committed to craft solutions that are not only inclusive and accessible but also fun and engaging.

As a digital artist, I blend technology with creativity to produce an array of different works, from printables to comprehensive learning materials. My art is an extension of my educational philosophy—innovative, thoughtful, and designed to make an impact.

If you're seeking a collaborator who brings expertise, passion, and a
forward-thinking approach, let's connect. I'm excited to work with you!