eLearning Solutions

Here you can learn more about my projects within Articulate Rise 360 & Storyline 360 primarily.
I am also working on some projects in Genially, those will be uploaded once ready!  

Sample #1: Articulate Rise Course

Choosing the Right Skincare Product

This user-and-mobile-friendly eLearning experience gives women the fundamentals to identifying their skin types, and will teach them how to choose appropriate skincare products in 5 easy steps. It provides valuable information on understanding different skin types, reading product labels, understanding ingredients, and selecting appropriate products.

What People Are Saying:

Overall, the project was well received by learners. Learners commented on the design, interactivity, and information of the course, sharing:

Sample #2: Articulate Storyline Course

Mastering the Art of Remote Work

This project was created to showcase some of the abilities that I posses within Articulate Storyline. This was simply a fun passion and learning project, and was not designed for a fictional company. 

This eLearning experience teaches learners how to create an organized and effective remote space, list their needed equipment, create structured schedules and practice good work ethics, and apply balance between their work and personal life.