Documents & Visual Aids

These are some of the documents I use during my development processes, such as design documents and style guides.
You'll also find some of the document aids that I have created for various projects here. 

Design Documents

This document served as a guide as I was developing the eLearning Course for XY Beauty & Skincare.

*This is a fictional company, this project is intended to showcase my process.

This is the style guide I created for Purioza Printables, my Etsy shop. I created the logos, and came up with the color-schemes. This style guide has served me well as I have used it to create various branding documents, customer thank you notes, and guides.

This is the style guide I created for The Higher Ed. Institute. They needed a style guide for creating branded workshops and trainings. 


This is a job aid I created for my Storyline Project as an additional tool for learners to download and keep.

This tri-fold was created as a response to a need at a community College. Instructors were trying to better understand their adult learners, and without much knowledge of Adult Learning Theories, I created this tri-fold to help them better understand their learners and meet their needs.