My Design Style & Process

Effective learning experiences are best achieved when designing engaging and impactful experiences developed with the learner and learning outcomes in mind. 

It is my goal to inspire knowledge acquisition and skill development through my learning experiences and my designs. With a strong background in sociology and design, I am incredibly proficient at analyzing business needs and processes and transform complex information into visually appealing and easily understandable content. 

I will help you create solutions that align with your goals, and develop strategic learning experiences that will educate, improve performance, and promote positive culture across your teams.

ID Portfolio

I mostly comply to the structured approach of ADDIE , but in some cases, I use the more iterative process of SAM as I have situationally needed to start the development process while still gathering information from our SME's. However, my process is rooted in a commitment to creating engaging and impactful learning experiences. Here's a quick overview on how I go about my process:

Through this process, my aim is to inspire knowledge acquisition, skill development, and positive cultural impact across diverse industries!

Needs Analysis


Develop / Implement


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