Microlearning Projects

Here you can learn more about my microlearning projects created through various resources, including 7-Taps, Canva, and Canvas Studio.

Sample #1: 7-Taps Micro-Course

Project: This micro-course was created to introduce participants to food safety guidelines. This course features AI-generated content, embedded text and video, and concludes with a short quiz.

My involvement: Research & Collaboration, Editing, Development, and Publication

Tools: Google Docs, Canva, 7-Taps

Sample #2: Canva Video Project

Project: This is a short video on productivity tips and tools. 

My involvement: I created this video based on a ChatGPT conversation where ChatGPT was my client, and we discussed the needs of a short productivity video. Based on this conversation, I researched, scripted, and with help of ChatGPT - fine tuned my script, then I designed the slides, added music, created ai voice, and edited this video on my own.  

Tools: Microsoft Word, ChatGPT, ElevenLabs, and Canva

Sample #3: LinkedIn Article Writing

Project: This article was written to inform educators on the importance of implementing active learning into their classrooms.

My Involvement: Research, Editing, Development, and Publication

Tools: Google Docs, Canva

Sample #4: Social Media Carousel

Project: This carousel imagery was created to help educators enhance their teaching and engage their students by incorporating Canva into their various classroom assignments and course material. 

My involvement: Research, Editing, Development, and Publication

Tools: Canva